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Standard Fasteners

Brass Cheese Head Screws.png

Cheese Head Slotted Screws - DIN 84

Brass Philip Head Screws Pozi Head.png

Philiphs Head Screws - DIN 965

Brass Pan Head Screws .png

Pan Head Slotted Screws - DIN 85

Brass CSK Slotted Machine Screws DIN 963 Brass Fastneres copy.png

Countersunk Head Slotted Screws - DIN 963


Raised CSK Head Slotted Screws - DIN 964

Brass CSK Head Slotted Wood Screws Brass Builder Hardware.png

CSK Head Slotted Wood Screws - DIN 97

Brass Slotted Round Head Screws .png

Round Head Slotted Screws - DIN 86

Brass All Thread Brass Stud Brass Fasteners.png

All Threads, Studs - DIN 529 and DIN 975

Brass Hex Bolt DIN 933 Brass Full Thread Bolts Brass Hex Set Screws .png

Hexagonal Head Bolts / Set Screws - DIN 933

Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934.png

Hexagonal Full Nuts - DIN 934

DIN 943 Hex Lock Nuts Panel Nuts .png

Hexagonal Lock Nuts - DIN 439

Brass Dome Nuts DIN 1587.png

Dome Nuts - DIN 1587

Wing Nuts DIN Standard .png

Wing Nuts - DIN 315

Brass Flanged Nuts.png

Flanged Hex Nuts, Back Nuts 

Plain Washers .png

Plain Washers - DIN 125

Bimetal Washers .png

Bimetal Washers

Lock Washers .png

Lock Washers - DIN 127B

Serrated internal teeh washers.png

Serrated Teeth Washers

Brass Grub Screws Brass Allen Head Grub Screws .png

Allen Key Grub Screws - DIN 916

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