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Hose, Tube and Pipe Fittings

Male hose tail adaptor,Brass Male hose nipple,Hose nipple male threaded,Hose fitting BSP threaded, Hose barb BSPT threaded, Hose barb NPT thread, Hose barb NPTF thread,Male hose nipple fitting,Threaded hose nipple male end,Male NPT hose nipple, Male pipe Thread hose nipple,Stainless steel hose nipple,Stainless steel hose barb, male threaded groove nipple, male thread hose tail, 1/2” x ½” hose nipple,¼” x ¼” hose tail,3/8” x 3/8” hose barb, Stainless Steel BSP male Hose Tails, male NPTF x Hose barb,1/4" x 1/4" Hose x male NPT Plain Brass Hose Barb,BSP screwed fitting, Hose barb PTFE thread, Hose Barb Fittings For Tubing and Brass Barbed Adapter, C36000 Free-Machining Brass, Adaptador de cola de manguera macho, Boquilla de manguera macho de latón, Boquilla de manguera con rosca macho, Accesorio de manguera con rosca BSP, Conector de manguera con rosca BSPT, Conector de manguera con rosca NPT, Conector de manguera con rosca NPTF, Accesorio de conector de manguera macho, Extremo macho

Male Threaded Hose Nipples

BSP screwed fitting, Hose barb PTFE thread, Hose Barb Fittings For Tubing and Brass Barbed Adapter, C36000 Free-Machining Brass, BSPP threaded nipple, BSPT threaded nipple, NPT threaded nipple, NPTF threaded nipple, ‘G’ Threaded nipple, ‘R’ threaded nipple, taper threaded nipple, female hose barb, female threaded hose connector, female screw hose connector, ½” BSP female thread x 10mm hose barb, ¼” female thread x 8mm hose size, G3/4” female thread 14mm hose dia., female thread ½” - 14 NPT, ½ - 14 NPTF, ½ inch - 14 NPSM, Трубные фитинги, компрессионные фитинги с обжимным наконечником, компрессионные фитинги для медных трубок, фитинги для садового шланга, латунные компрессионные фитинги, компрессионные фитинги из нержавеющей стали, латунный ниппель с резьбой, латунь ECO, латунь без свинца, сантехника

Female Threaded Hose Nipples

Garden Hose Nozzle, garden hose spray gun, garden hose pipe connector, garden hose barb ½” x ½”, garden hose repair fittings, garden hose repair kit, garden hose NPT adaptor, standard garden hose fittings, hose barb fitting, garden hose male fitting, garden hose female barb fitting, Boquilla para manguera de jardín, pistola rociadora para manguera de jardín, conector de tubo de manguera de jardín, espiga para manguera de jardín de ½” x ½”, accesorios de reparación de mangueras de jardín, kit de reparación de mangueras de jardín, adaptador NPT para manguera de jardín, accesorios estándar para mangueras de jardín, conector de espiga para manguera, macho para manguera de jardín accesorio, accesorio de púa hembra para manguera de jardín,Gartenschlauchdüse, Gartenschlauch-Spritzpistole, Gartenschlauch-Rohrverbinder, Gartenschlauch-Tülle ½" x ½", Gartenschlauch-Reparaturarmaturen, Gartenschlauch-Reparaturset, Gartenschlauch-NPT-Adapter, Standard-Gartenschlaucharmaturen, Schlauchtülle

Garden Hose Fittings

Brass hose jointers, brass hose mender, brass hose repairer, stainless steel hose jointer, hose barb jointer, brass hose mender with quick connector, reusable brass hose jointer, brass pipe jointer ¼” x ¼”, brass hose jointer ⅜” x ⅜”, brass mender ½” x ½”, brass pipe jointer ⅜ inch x ⅜ inch, 1” hose pipe jointer, PVC pipe jointer, Empalmes de mangueras de latón, reparadores de mangueras de latón, reparadores de mangueras de latón, empalmes de mangueras de acero inoxidable, empalmes de manguera de púas, empalmes de mangueras de latón con conector rápido, empalmes de mangueras de latón reutilizables, empalmes de tuberías de latón ¼” x ¼”, empalmes de mangueras de latón ⅜” x ⅜” , reparador de latón de ½” x ½”, ensamblador de tubos de latón de ⅜ de pulgada x ⅜ de pulgada, ensamblador de tubos de manguera de 1”, ensamblador de tubos de PVC,

Hose Jointers

90° elbow, 45° elbow, brass compression elbow, Elbow with copper ferrule, brass elbow irrigation, brass barb elbow, brass elbow ⅜”, brass elbow ¼”, ½” brass elbow, barbed elbow fitting, brass elbow 15mm, brass elbow for 15mm pipe, brass elbow for 12mm pipe, brass male x female elbow, male threaded elbow, female threaded elbow, ½ inch x ½” elbow, Gomito 90°, Gomito 45°, Gomito a compressione in ottone, Gomito con ghiera in rame, Gomito per irrigazione in ottone, Gomito con portagomma in ottone, Gomito in ottone da ⅜”, gomito in ottone da ¼”, gomito in ottone da ½”, raccordo a gomito con innesto, gomito in ottone da 15 mm, gomito in ottone per tubo da 15 mm, gomito in ottone per tubo da 12 mm, gomito maschio x femmina in ottone, gomito filettato maschio, gomito filettato femmina, gomito da ½ pollice x ½", gomito


brass flare nut, brass flare fittings, brass flare cap, brass flare union, brass flare adapter, brass flare plug, brass flare compression fitting, brass flare nut  ¼”, brass flare nut ⅜ inch, brass flare nut ½”, flare brass coupler, brass flare compression elbow, ¼ SAE to ¼ NPT, Flare Fitting Parts, Brass Flare Male Connector, Brass Flare Female Connector, Brass Flare Ball Check, Brass Flare Male Elbow, Brass Flare Female Elbow, Brass Flare 45 degree Male Elbow, Brass Flare Male Branch Tee, Brass Flare Male Run Tee, Brass Flare Union, Brass Flare Union Elbow, Brass Flare Union Tee , Brass Flare Long Union Nut, Brass Flare Short Union Nut, Brass Flare Nut, propane gas line adapter, flare tube fitting, NPT Threaded flare fitting, forged flare fitting, gas flare fitting, hvac flare fitting, flare to flare fitting,

Flare Fittings

compression fitting, compression coupler, brass compression fitting, coupling compressor, compression fit, compression nut, plumbing compression fitting, compression connector, pressure fitting, pipe compression fitting, compression tube, compression ferrule, ½” compression fitting, stainless steel compression fittings, ¼ inch compression fitting, ⅜” compression fitting, compression flow fitting, compression adapter, compression union, compression joint, double ferrule compression fitting, ½ inch compression union, compression tube fitting cross, SAE, ASME, CA360 Brass bar stock fittings, brass compression branch tee, brass compression insert sleeve, brass compression forged run tee, brass reducing compression tee, captive sleeve compression, stainless steel tube stub connectors, stainless steel tube union, stainless steel tube x AN tube, stainless steel tube weld end, union cross 316 stainless steel compression stainless steel ferrule connector, bulkhead stainless steel compression

Compression Fittings

stainless steel JIC hose fitting, stainless steel JIC hydraulic fitting, ss JIC fitting, ¼ inch stainless steel JIC fitting, 90 elbow JIC fitting, stainless steel flare union, stainless steel jic fitting nipple, hydraulic pipe fitting adapter, 2 inch stainless steel BSP fitting, 37° JIC fitting, crimp fitting, ⅜” x ⅜” NPT, stainless steel braided hose with JIC fittings, male JIC, female JIC, swivel JIC fitting, stainless steel, JIC flared o ring fitting, JIC sleeve, JIC tube sleeve, 74 degree JIC fitting, 27 deg JIC fitting, 7/16 male JIC thread, JIC male union, adapter JIC Male x NPT BSP male, adapter JIC Female x NPT BSP male, adapter JIC Male x NPT BSP female, bulkhead adaptor, JIC Port tee, JIC branch tee, JIC run tee, JIC adjustable tee, JIC male cross, JIC female swivel cross, JIC cross, JIC Nut, JIC plug, JIC Cap, JIC 60°cone swivel nut, JIC 90° swept hose inserts, straight stud adaptor male NPTF to female JIC,

Stainless Steel JIC Fittings

male brass co2 fitting, fire hose fitting, co2 cylinder adaptor, co2 tank splitter, co2 refill connector, beverage supply, co2 fire extinguisher fitting, CGA 320 co2 fitting, threaded co2 fitting, reducing co2 fitting, pressure co2 fitting, gas co2 fitting, co2 regulator, co2 liquid fitting, co2 vapour fittings, co2 inlet fitting, cryogenic fitting, co2 barb fitting, soda co2 fittings, co2 manifold, air co2 fitting, co2 connector, co2 brass adaptor, co2 reducer fitting, CGA 350 fitting, carbon dioxide fittings, co2 fitting for carbonating water, co2 fitting for beer nitrogen argon wine nitrogen protoxide, co2 dispensing fitting, co2 bottle to hose connector, CO2 gas evacuation fitting, quick connect thermoplastic co2 hose, 3000 psi CO2 fitting, carbon dioxide hoses with CO2 female fitting, fittings for CO2 pipe threads, German DIN and British Standard Threads, CO2 solenoid valve,

CO2 Fittings

Pigtail sockets, air hose connector, quick coupler set, pipe pigtail, pigtail nut, pigtail pipe connector, LPG gas pigtail, NPT connector, steam siphon, pipe fitting and flanges, airline connectors, threaded hose connector, brass flexible pigtail, copper burner pigtail, butane pigtail, pig tail syphon, propane pigtail, methane pigtail, ethane pig tail, left hand thread pigtail nut, ½” pigtail nut, 15mm pipe pig tail nut, 6mm pipe pigtail nut, 8mm pipe pig tail nut,  10mm pipe pig tail nut, butane pigtail adaptor, pigtail assembly,

Pigtail Fittings

Brass sanitary fittings, bathroom fittings, sanitary butterfly valve, plumbing fitting, PVC sanitary fitting, corrosion proof sanitary fittings, brass sanitary ware, fittings for heating, threaded sanitary fitting, sanitary fitting cap, sanitary valve fitting, hardware fitting, male brass sanitary fitting, brass sanitary components, brass sanitary elbow fitting, brass sanitary pipe fitting, brass bend sanitary fitting, tee brass sanitary fitting, brass parmis, brass faucet trap nut, brass male female reducer, brass spacer nipple, brass stop plug, brass sanitary bush, brass sanitary union, brass sanitary socket, brass tank connector, brass extension, brass spindle, brass chrome plated extension, brass pipe extension, DIN 3523 EN10226, ½” FM Chrome plated brass extension,3/4” FM Chrome plated brass extension, hex double nipple, hex reducing bush, hex reducing nipple, long nipple, short nipple, barrel nipple, NPT threaded brass nipple, G threaded brass nipple, yellow brass nipple, SCH 40

Sanitary Fittings

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