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Earthing, Lightning Protection Accessories

Rod To Tape Clamps
Copper Bonded Earth Rod .png

Copper Bonded Earth Rods

Bronze Threaded Rod Coupler Hex Type .png

Earth Rod Couplers

Gunmetal Rod to Cable Clamp A Type Bronze Ground Rod Clamp for Direct Burial .png

Rod To Cable Clamps

Gunmetal Rod to Tape Cable Clamp Type A Bronze Rod to Cable Clamps .png

Rod To Tape Clamps

Gunmetal Tape Clip 25 x 3 mm Gun Metal Tape Clip 50 x 6 .png

DC Tape Clamps

Bronze Jumper Clamps.png

KUL Clamps, Jumper Clamps

Earthing Arrestor .png

Arrestor Bases

Bronze Sqaure Tape Clamp 50 x 6 .png

Square Tape Clamps

Bronze Contact Shoe.png

Bronze Contact Shoes

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