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Gate Valve,Ball Valve,Check Valve,Globe Valve,Butterfly Valve,Plug Valve,Diaphragm Valve,Needle Valve,Pinch Valve,Pressure relief valve,system valve,control valve, angle valve,piston valve,knife gate valve,flush bottom valve,bellows valve,rotary valve, plug valve,angle seat valve, cock valve, hydraulic valve,foot valve,float valve,automated valve,sanitary shutoff and diverter valve,rotary disc valve,valve for food and beverage,household valve,oil chemical and gas valve,pharma and biotech valve,electric actuators valve,actuator valve,pneumatic valve,industrial valve,three-way valve,hydraulic manifold,valve manifold,heat distribution valve,block manifold,solenoid valve, riser valve,slurry valve,valve for HVAC, Magnetventil,Druckbegrenzungsventil,Betätigungsventil,válvula solenoide,válvula de alivio de presión,válvula actuadora,électrovanne,soupape de surpression,soupape d'actionnement,válvula solenóide,válvula de alívio de pressão,válvula atuadora

Valves and Manifolds

Tube fitting, Ferrule compression fitting, copper tube compression fittings, garden hose fitting, brass compression fitting, stainless compression fittings, brass threaded nipple, ECO Brass, Leadfree brass, bathroom fittings,Rohrverschraubung, Klemmringverschraubung, Kupferrohr-Klemmringverschraubungen, Gartenschlauchverschraubung, Messing-Klemmringverschraubung, Edelstahl-Klemmringverschraubungen, Messing-Gewindenippel, ECO-Messing, bleifreies Messing, Badezimmerarmaturen, Accesorios para tubos, accesorios de compresión con virola, accesorios de compresión para tubos de cobre, accesorios para mangueras de jardín, accesorios de compresión de latón, accesorios de compresión de acero inoxidable, boquillas roscadas de latón, latón ECO, latón sin plomo, accesorios de baño,Encaixe de tubo, encaixe de compressão de virola, encaixe de compressão de tubo de cobre, encaixe de mangueira de jardim, encaixe de compressão de latão, encaixe de compressão de aço inoxidável, bico roscado de latão, lat

Hose, Tube and Pipe Fittings

Brass CPVC Fittings for Pipe.png

PPR / CPVC Fittings


Hotline Clamps


Bronze Ground Pipe Clamps


GUV Type Clamps

Transformer Stud Connectors, Transformer Bolted Terminals

Transformer Stud Connectors, Transformer Bolted Terminals


Transformer Tank Connectors - TTC Type


Bronze Vise Connectors - BVC Type Clamps

DSCF7215 .png

Railway Overhead Line Components

Glands,Cable,Compression Type,Double Armoured,(Weatherproof),Single,Brass,Stainless,Steel, Aluminium,Unarmoured,PG,(PG,Metric,Threads),Gland,Cable Gland Selection Chart,XLPE Cable Gland Size Chart,PVC Cable Gland,BW 20S Indoor Armoured Cable Gland Pack, CW 20S Indoor Armoured Cable Gland Pack,Brass Cable Gland Supplier,Brass Cable Gland Manufacturer,Industrial Cable Gland,Cable Gland Accessories,Sealed Cable Gland,IP68 Cable Gland,Flange cable gland,cable gland installation,hazardous area cable gland,ATEX certified cable gland,Exd Cable Gland,Nickel plated brass cable gland,flexible cable gland,waterproof cable gland,Lieferant von Messing-Kabelverschraubungen,Hersteller von Messing-Kabelverschraubungen,Proveedor de prensaestopas de latón,Fabricante de prensaestopas de latón,Fournisseur de presse-étoupe en laiton,Fabricant de presse-étoupe en laiton,Fornecedor de prensa-cabos de latão,fabricante de prensa-cabos de latão

Indoor and Outdoor Cable Glands


Earthing, Lightning Protection Accessories

Split Bolts
Brass Bronze Split Bolts - Electrical Accessories.png

Split Bolts

Brass Conduit Connectors Male Threaded for Flexible Conduits.png

Conduit Fittings

Copper Lugs,Splices and Ferrules.png

Cable Lugs, Splices and Ferrules

Carburettor Parts
DSCF7035 .png

Panel Board and Switchgear Fittings


Battery Terminals


Carburettor Parts

Book Screws

Moulding Inserts 

PCB Terminal, Extensions and Spacer.png

PCB Terminal, Extensions and Spacers

Brass Book Screws.png

Book Screws


Expansion Anchors


Standard Fasteners

Image Coming Soon (1).png

Radiator Keys

Image Coming Soon (1).png

Miscellaneous Products

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